Are you tired of struggling to communicate with your spouse?

You are not alone. Poor communication is said to be the root cause of most modern divorces.

A recent survey by the Gottman Institute noted that 65% of marriages end due to poor communication, while 43% of those are due to unresolved conflict

And while those statistics are staggering...we have some GOOD NEWS! 

Great communication is something every marriage can have! 

Connecting with your spouse on a deeper level isn't impossible, as a matter of fact, it's much easer than you think. You'll find that the practical tools and insight you receive from the seasoned experts we've interviewed will give you the ability to change the way you communicate right now (for the better!).

With an open line of communication in your marriage you get to know your spouse better, share new ideas, and grow closer to God. It gives you the freedom to speak honestly, even about the hard stuff.

Change the way you communicate with your spouse right now by grabbing your lifetime access to the summit.

Your all-access summit pass gives you lifetime access to exclusive video interviews with 18 amazing, seasoned Christian couples sharing their best communication tips. These couples include best-selling Christian authors, doctors, pastors, teachers, business owners, military veterans and more.

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Don't hesitate. Take action now. Your marriage is worth it!

Let's Meet Your Guides

Two Parents, One Purpose

Davis + Rachael Carman share time-tested wisdom with us about how we can stay on the same page as parents and enrich our marriage at the same time. These two have been married over 3 decades and their interview is field ripe for harvest. Don't miss out on receiving your blessing! 

How to Avoid an Argument

In this interview, Derek + Cheryl Carter some amazing tips to help couples avoid arguments. These two really know their stuff and have been helping couples communicate for decades. Their 30+ years of marriage and love for Jesus shine through in this candid and Christ-filled interview!

Gear Up for the Empty Nest 

If you and your spouse are on the brink of empty nesting or are already there and struggling to communicate, Jim + Ruthie Gray will give you hope and encouragement! These two have 30+ years of wisdom (and jokes) to help you stay connected after the birds have left the nest.

Stay Connected While Stressed

In this interview, Stacy + Melissa Langford share their amazing journey of staying connected through military service, caring for medically fragile children, and more. In their 20+ years of marriage they've overcome many things through Christ and still managed to stay madly in love!

Overcoming a Pain-Filled Past

In this interview with John + Tricia Goyer, we chat about how they were able to work through Tricia's traumatic past to create a Christ-filled marriage and future. Their example of obedience to God will bless you to the core!

Marriage Restoration

In this interview, Vance + Cindy Henson share candidly about how their marriage was in desperate need of a miracle. After a lot of tears and prayer they share how God came through for them and how He will do the same for you!

Trust God with the Impossible

Ryan + Ana Willis take us on a journey of miraculous interventions as they decided to trust God with many difficult obstacles in their marriage. Get ready for your faith in God and one another to explode!

Communicating While Suffering

If you and your spouse are facing a time of suffering, this interview with Patrick + Ruth Schwenk will give you the hope and encouragement you need! God used Pat's cancer diagnosis to draw them closer together.

Communicate God’s Way

This candid interview shares how a once timid wife, and once overbearing husband, learn to communicate God's way. The lessons and wisdom Matt + Rachael Gilbert share are worth their weight in GOLD.

Unequally Yoked to Thriving

This interview will give hope to anyone in an unequally yoked marriage. Scott + Heather Bowen share how God helped them communicate through 10 years of being unequally yoked into a thriving Christian marriage.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Jack + Jessica Allen share their hearts with us about the choice they made to stay together after an affair. Through real-talk and lots of Jesus they share some conversations you can have to affair-proof your marriage.

Communication in the Storms

Sarah Ann Goode has walked through her husband's cancer diagnosis while parenting two special needs children and God has kept her marriage strong through healthy communication. Get ready to be encouraged!

Get On the Same Page With Your Spouse

Kevin + Christy Comstock share some timeless wisdom on how you can use communication to get and stay on the same page with your spouse. You will love their authenticity and humor. These two are amazing!

Fighting Fair Guidelines

Pastors Andre + Timberely Gray teach us some sound Bible-based wisdom to use in your communication as husband and wife. More specifically they help us learn how to fight fair. These two have a hearts of gold and seek to honor God in all they do. It's a must-see interview!

Vulnerability in Marriage

In this candid and fun interview, Pastor Chip + Halee Anthony share their hearts on the subject of vulnerability in marriage. Their sage advice (to include wisdom from Halee's Grandma) is something you'll want to implement in your marriage today!

Conflict that Cultivates Intimacy

Paul + Nannette Klein share how conflict, when handled God's way, actually brings husband and wife closer together. With over 3 decades of marriage, they bring solid wisdom and experience to the table. Don't miss it!

How to Communicate Well When Married to an Unbeliever

From a wealth of wisdom, Travis + Micah Klug share their hearts on a topic that resonate with many of you: How to communicate well when you are married to an unbeliever. Their loving, yet no-nonsense approach will give you practical tools to use right now if you are in this situation.

Communication to Create a 
Christ-Focused Marriage

Aaron + Barb Hudson have a fascinating testimony of being married, divorced, and remarried. Through God's grace and the intentional choice to cling to Him and His Word, they have been married for over 2 decades. Come learn how they have been able to communicate their way to a nourishing, Christ-focused marriage!

Meet Your Summit Hosts

Mike + Carlie Kercheval are the founders of Christian Marriage Adventures™ (formerly known as Fulfilling Your Vows™). It is their God-given call and passion to help married couples find their purpose, walk in their purpose, and create their legacy.

They are excited to bring you a series of interviews from seasoned couples who have more than 400+ years of marriage behind them. These interviews and topics will bless your marriage in any season of life; and every season to come. 

Get ready to take your communication game to the next level; this summit is life-changing and we cannot wait to hear your testimony after you watch!


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