2020 Wives of Integrity Online Conference Workshop Schedule


Day 1 Workshops

Mike + Carlie Kercheval of MarriageLegacy.com
How to Have Consecrated Conversations with God + Your Spouse

Rachael Carman of Apologia.com
A Place Called HOME

Brandice Lardner of GracefulPlate.com
How to Heal Your Body Image for the Health of Your Marriage

Laura Degroot of Caffeinated Woman
I Do Daily

Timberely Gray of LivingOurPriorities.com
Honoring Our Husbands With Our Words

Tauna Meyer of ProverbialHomemaker.com
Hope for the Imperfect Wife

Dana Butler of DanaLButler.com
When Your Husband Leaves the Faith

Kimberly Nicole Steenbergen of afamilydevoted.com
3 Keys to a Biblical Marriage

Day 2 Workshops

Alicia Michelle of VibrantChristianLiving.com 
How to Connect Deeply with God, Recognize Him at Work + Release Worry + Fear 

Corina Holden of FrumpFighters.com
How Fighting the Frump Impacts Your Marriage

Jessica Anderson of IntentionalinLife.com 
Trusting God with Your Marriage in Times of Crisis

Jamie Bailey of ExpeditionMarriage.com
Protecting Your Marriage from the Enemy

Deb Schroeder of JesusIsMyHashtag.com
We Were a Couple Before Kids, Now What Are We?

Cindy Seaton Henson of CindySeaton.com
How To Love the Man You Married Instead of Wishing For More

Crystal Storms of CrystalStorms.me 
How to Act Loving Toward Your Husband When You Don’t Feel Loving

Day 3 Workshops

Abby Rike of RockThis.org
Change Your Attitude, Change Your Marriage

Connie Albers of ConnieAlbers.com
Wise Women Consider, Then Decide

Rachael Gilbert of RachaelGilbert.com
Peace Over Perfection

Maxiann Forbes of ScripturalGems.com
Wives Deeply Respect Your Husbands

Bonny Burns of StrongWives.com
5 Tips to Navigate Porn Discovery

Jessica Allen of HeartfullyPresent.com
Why am I Doing This Alone? (Spiritual family leadership with a reluctant spouse)

Nannette Klein of TheTransformedMarriage.com 
How To Honor God, Help Your Husband Grow And Strengthen Your Marriage

Day 4 Workshops 

Angelica Duncan of Proverbs31Businesswoman.com 
Debunking Myths about Biblical Submission

Lisa Appelo of LisaAppelo.com
5 Ways to Navigate Grief

Melanie Wright of LoveAndStandTogether.com 
God’s Design for Sex in Marriage

Jennifer Holmes of JenNewSong.com 
Depressed Yet Happily Married

Lisa Kimrey of MyLifeNurse.com
Embracing Obedience: Overcome Fear, Fulfill Your Calling & Be Whole in Your Marriage

Jace Draper of FaithAndEmotions.com 
Self Care: Proverbs 31 Edition

Clare Davy of TheReconstructedWoman.com
A Recipe for Respecting Your Husband

Day 5 Workshops

Heather Bowen of MomForAllSeasons.com  
Date Night: Marriage Insurance for Modern Times

Brynn Burger of TheMamaOnTheRocks.com 
4 Keys to ReConnecting When Parenting Styles Differ

Tiffany Russell of CalledToBeWise.com 
Christian Unity in Marriage

Jessica Wall of One80Love.com
One80Love: I Prayed My Husband Would Die & God Answered

Wendy Gunn of HomeForYourGod.com
The Truth About How To Have a Strong Marriage

Sade Curry of SadeWaters.com
When Your Christian Love Story Fails

Bree Shields of StrawberryShields.com
From Surviving to Thriving: How to Come Back Stronger After a Hard Season